Disco Biscuits: On Time EP


Two things that The Disco Biscuits have become famous for – indulgently stretched-out peaks and breakneck, trance-based improvisation – are noticeably absent on their new On Time EP. Part of a multi-release series building to the long-overdue March 16 drop of Planet Anthem, the band’s own Chinese Democracy, On Time delivers far more studio polish than the band has ever boasted, morphing this release into a sonic alter-ego. Sounding little like the band’s famed live performances, this EP provides a glimpse at a new side of The Disco Biscuits.

Featuring three fresh studio tracks and one new live track, On Time spans a spectrum of electronic genres. Working with world-class producers Simon Posford, Beni Vaughn (Twisted, UK), The Biscuits have reached a new level of studio output, on “Loose Change” and “Konkrete.” Both tracks burst with fierce down-tempo beats, and psychedelic soundscapes to match. Combining a Pink Floydian psy-rock vibe, ethereal lyrics and melodic hooks, “Loose Change” touches unique and uncharted territory for the Philadelphia quartet, while on “Konkrete,” one can hear Posford’s influence dripping from the speakers. A track that Posford has included in his Shpongle DJ sets for a couple years now, this heavy-hitting, psy-dub excursion is layered with a dark spoken word narrative, creating the most engaging piece on the EP. Infused with an eastern ethnic flavor and the intricate beats, this one will have you hitting rewind more than a couple times.

The title track of the EP sits in a far more mainstream musical milieu than its album’s counterparts. With “On Time,” The Biscuits present a glossy, hip-hop laced, club track, with a guest lyricist, TuPhace. Though highlighted by Brownstein’s bass work, The Biscuits have stepped even further out of character with this song, for a band known for darker, beat-driven escapades. The two remixes included on the EP, one by LA electro artist, Eliot Lipp, and one by Twisted Dee, translate far better than “On Time,” itself. With Lipp’s boasting a glitchy lounge appeal, and the latter being more of an earnest dance track, these two incarnations attain more infectious grooves than the original.

The only live track, “Mirrors,” from Red Rocks in May 2009, may be the EP’s most inspired song of all. Coupled with live video footage of the elaborate stage production that went along with this performance, one of The Biscuits most mesmerizing new tunes takes center stage. With dreamy verses and textured, electronic fusion, this multimedia experience is a perk of the disc. Coupled with a video for “You and I,” another new track, the On Time EP has more than just music to offer. Stepping into a completely enhanced studio context this time around, The Biscuits have delivered a production quality and overall sound on the On Time EP that will impress both fans and non-believers, alike.

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