SONG PREMIERE: Brooklyn’s Leland Sundries Pay Rock And Roll Tribute To The Walking Dead With “Apocalypse Love Song”

Anyone who’s watched the apocalyptic zombie show The Walking Dead can tell you that it’s anything but uplifting. Now imagine watching it after a break-up and things start to sound downright dreadful. For Nick Loss-Eaton, frontman of Brooklyn band Leland Sundries, it was exactly this scenario that inspired “Apocalypse Love Song”, which we are excited to premiere on Glide Magazine. The song is the first track on the band’s forthcoming album Music For Outcasts, kicking off with a simple guitar hook before plunging headfirst into what can best be described as a rollicking 70’s garage rock sound. Nick Loss-Eaton’s lyrics tell a darkly humorous story of a couple faced with a situation not unlike the characters in The Walking Dead, and he seems almost jubilant as he croons, “Would a zombie attack bring you back to me?” That’s a hell of a question, and one that is answered in a series of doomsday scenarios that play out over the course of this catchy song.

Reflecting the inspiration and recording of the song, Nick Loss-Eaton says, “I love post-apocalyptic films and TV shows—Blade Runner, The Road—and like everyone else in America, I’m addicted to The Walking Dead. I even like the stuff that isn’t that great, like Jericho and The 100. Well, I was watching the Walking Dead late one night and missing my ex-girlfriend and thinking to myself how romantic it would be; in the throws of disaster, to whom would I cling? I had the basic groove from a song that I originally called ‘Your French Boyfriend’ about jealousy. This was one of the last songs written for Music For Outcasts. Alex P. overdubbed the guitar solo at about 1:30 in the morning with the instructions that it be power pop; I couldn’t think of the band the Cars as a reference so I just said Cheap Trick. Turned out kind of awesome even if it wasn’t what I meant to say. We had some wicked amps in the Creamery studio for guitar tones: a ‘50s Fender and a Supro.”

Give a listen to Glide’s exclusive premiere of “Apocalypse Love Song”:

Expect to find Music For Outcasts this spring. You can PRE-ORDER the album HERE. For more music and info check out Leland Sundries on Facebook or at

Photo by © Nixxi Blanck 2015 IG @blanckisnixxi

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