Bird Dog – ‘Misty Shrub’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


Close your eyes, sink back into a woven hammock, and let pure indie musical bliss wash over you. Bird Dog’s debut EP, Misty Shrub, combines the best aspects of their Los Angeles hometown. It’s comfortable yet driven; breezy and down to earth. It’s indie folk that won’t leave you wallowing in a puddle of cliché lyrics and trite analogies.

You won’t hear any combinations of “ho” and “hey” in Bird Dog’s transcendental goodness. Their style sounds more like Lord Huron than a catchy car commercial. Listening to their music is like receiving a postcard from an antiquated, charming city. The opening track, “Of Ocean and Sea,” crackles with windy gusts and light chirping birds. Throughout this four-minute serenade, harmonies ebb and flow in natural effortlessness. When the tides crash in a heavy, rhythmic rush, there’s really only one way to respond. Just shake your hair down and weave your fingers through the wind.


“Red River” floats in an atmospheric haze; you won’t find yourself tapping your foot or grooving along to these chords, but it does have a way of lulling the listener into a peaceful state of mind. Lovers of Seryn’s orchestral folk music will dive right into this pool of sound. Though the melody doesn’t immediately beg for another listen, “Red River” manages to beautifully capture the setting’s subtle personality.

One listen to “The Desert Song” may just get your internal recording studio up and running again. This song will lodge itself into your brain and happily linger there for weeks on end. Beginning with a fuzzy pop melody, this track subtly transforms into a free-spirited millennial anthem. The pinging percussion seems to whisper words of encouragement, and the oceanic harmonies have a way of soothing tired muscles.

Even those decidedly against the indie folk craze have to admit that Bird Dog is doing something right. If their debut EP can transport the listener to a scenic wonderland, then there’s no telling how captivating this band must be when performing live.

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Cover photo: Cara Robbins

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