STREAM: Dr Dog’s ‘Pyschedelic Swamp’

NPR’s First Listen series is premiering the anticipated new album by renowned Philadelphia rock band Dr Dog. The record, called The Psychedelic Swamp, is the result of an experiment that began in the late 90’s which lead to a mysterious correspondence from another world. The correspondence came in the form of a cassette tape but it’s message was difficult to understand. After years of decoding, the members of the band came to learn that the other world was The Psychedelic Swamp and that the message they were able to decipher was of crucial importance for all of humankind. Dr. Dog began work, turning this message into the greatest pop album of all time.

The thrilling results are now being made public and will be available for consumption on February 5th.

It was actually from this initial correspondence that Dr. Dog first emerged. At the turn of the millennium, when Scott McMicken and Toby Leaman were college students, the duo realized the importance of their mission. With the intention of honing their craft as songwriters to better achieve the goals set forth on the Swamp cassette, Dr. Dog was formed

Now, years later, that project – about a man who attempts to escape his boring existence by entering The Psychedelic Swamp –  has become, first a theatrical performance at the 2015 Philadelphia Fringe Festival, and now a newly recorded album of what is Dr. Dog’s catchiest and most experimental music to date.

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