SONG PREMIERE: Aussie Bluesman 8 Ball Aitken Brings Country Charm On “Sleepy”

“Party music for real hillbillies” is how 8 Ball Aitken describes his music, and this is pretty damn accurate. Since 2003 this seasoned blues guitar player and country artist has been catching excited ears across Australia, which is where he comes from. He can even boast to having played every state and territory of the Land Down Under. Now 8 Ball Aitken is ready to bring his music to the rest of the world and especially America. Interestingly enough, it’s America where this artist draws his largest influences, as he is a prodigious talent when it comes to blues, honky tonk, and Southern rock and roll.

All of this can be heard on 8 Ball Aitken’s new self-titled album, releasing on February 26th. The album is awash in the same high octane energy 8 Ball brings to the stage with bluesy riffs, fiery rock and roll, and swooning country tunes. Glide Magazine is proud to present an exclusive premiere of one of the slower tunes on the new album, “Sleepy”, a country tune filled with twangy steel guitar that drifts into poppier territory without feeling overproduced.  

To get an inside look at the story and process behind the song, 8 Ball Aitken shared his own thoughts:

“Many musicians that I know are not considered early risers or morning people. ‘Sleepy’ feels to me like a southern rock love song. It is really about greeting the day with the one you adore. If you have ever woken up with that special someone in a joyful, overwhelming state of happiness and bliss, then you can understand where this one is coming from. Picture going out to collect your morning newspaper, singing with the birds, dancing on the front lawn, and then realizing that your neighbors are staring at you. They are laughing behind the curtains and putting you on Facebook. Only then it dawns on you that you forgot to put on your pajamas. That magical state of love can make people forgetful. ‘Sleepy’ is also about giving up the traveling life and settling down with a girl who just blows you away every day when you rise out of bed. It is such a fun song to play live because of the slide-guitar parts. Some nights we can jam it out for a few extra minutes on the last three chords. Cranking the amps and waking a few people up with bottleneck slide!”

Glide Magazine presents an exclusive premiere of 8 Ball Aitken’s new song “Sleepy”:

8 Ball Aitken’s self-titled album is out February 26th. For music, tour dates and more info check out

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