Yeasayer: Odd Blood


Brooklyn critical darlings Yeasayer have upped the quality ante somewhat from their first effort, and it is definitely apparent from the opening plodding prog-electro feel of “The Children.” Although not necessarily for everyone’s sonic palette, the core duo of Chris Keating and Anand Wilde at times resemble Animal Collective, Hot Chip, Tears Fears and Tom Waits (or Thomas Dolby) simultaneously.

Whether it’s the Middle Eastern-infused poly-rhythms fuelling “Ambling Alp” which sounds like Vampire Weekend-lite or the slightly more ambient, ‘80s pop of “Madder Red,” Yeasayer generally shine on these genre-fusing nuggets. Even the adventurous “I Remember” fares well despite the envelope-pushing arrangement.
Of the ten tracks, perhaps the highlight is the infectious, up-tempo “O.N.E.” but the ensuing “Love Me Girl” seems quite aimless and flaccid. The quirky, snappy “Rome” and boogie-tinged “Mondegreen” pick things up again as Yeasayer finds those intangibles that make it a rather pretty pop album.

It’s quite clear why they have more yeasayers than naysayers.

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