The Megaphonic Thrift: Santos Party House, NYC, NY, 3/15/10

I’ve never been to Norway, but I’m guessing the chaotic torrents of flooding water falling from the heavens this weekend must have seemed harsh even for this group traveling halfway around the world.  On their way to SXSW and warmer skies in Austin, The Megaphonic Thrift played a few tune-up shows under the deluge in NYC, the last of these being Monday night at the Oya Festival put on by Oh My Rockness in Santos Party House.  

With their Jazzmaster Fenders and the male/female vocals, the comparisons to Sonic Youth are inevitable before they even play, but doubts explode once the noise starts.  These youngin’s have seeped in copious amounts of downtown noise god goodness and come out better for it  With a cloud of noise and lights, the four piece blasted out the night, a screeching tension-laden set would follow.  “Talks Like A Weed King” early on was tight excellence, as was the propulsive “Acid Blues” both showcased their song structure skills and the bands deftness at experimenting while jamming out.

The echo effects were everywhere to go along with their miles of pedals and distortion, but at the heart of it are excellently crafted tunes that take listeners on visceral journeys.  The warbling expanse of “Exploding Eyes” was a mid-set highlight as was “Candy Sin” that was powered by mammoth drum rolls and freak-out dissonance.  The constant building of the set closing "Queen of Noise" contained solo’s over the main riff, loops, oodles of feedback and maybe even a blown-out speaker or two.  Shit got loud, shit got intense, and holy shit, this band is a hoot to experience live.  

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