The Megaphonic Thrift: A Thousand Years of Deconstruction


This four piece shoegazing crew from Norway is a rocket blast out of the frozen north.  A Thousand Years of Deconstruction contains all the elements for future success, it has punchy fuzzed out punk (“Acid Blues” and “Son of J”), dramatic guitar interplay with dueling vocals (“Exploding Eyes”) even an acoustic come down gets an airing (“Everytime (oxygen)”).  The gravy for these disco fries is the EP’s centerpiece; an exhilarating drawn out escapade of deep space audio adventure called “Mad Mary”. At 6 minutes it rumbles and scratches casually to start before exploding halfway in with crushing drums and jet engine guitars, climaxing brilliantly.  Sure their sound and style is eerily reminiscent of some elder downtown scenesters, but if you are going to cop a style, Sonic Youth’s isn’t a bad one to try on.  The thing is bands have been trying for the past 20 years and few can replicate the mix of noise/pop/punk/art that made the Sonics vital, The Megaphonic Thrift have put fourth a valiant effort with their spin on things. 

A full length offering would be a delight from this group, letting them flush out their exploratory tendencies, tighten their punk leanings and give them an opportunity to develop their own voice.  For now however, any fans of adventurous rock and roll should seek out A Thousand Years of Deconstruction, you will be glad you did.       

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