FULL ALBUM STREAM: Jocelyn & Chris Arndt Join Up With G Love & Danny Louis on New LP ‘Edges’

Jocelyn & Chris Ardnt aren’t your typical cutesy sibling duo – instead they offer a dynamic blue rock romp that at times sounds murderous and other times jubilant – what more can you ask for? Maybe the offering of a full length LP Edges (due out tomorrow 3/4) which features guest spots from Danny Louis of Gov’t Mule & G Love.

While their story is still being honed, their blues prowess sounds years beyond being two current students at Harvard (yes, Harvard).   The Ardnts have a lot more to offer than just devastatingly powerful vocals and retro-rock driven guitar; in the past year alone, the two have logged in more than 100 performances, including sets at The Sundance Film Festival and Mountain Jam Music Festival. With big stuff on the horizon for the sibs, Glide is offering an exclusive listen to Edges (below).

“Simply put, Edges is an album of straight-up, thump-in-your-chest, real-deal, authentic rock,” explains the duo. ” After our EP Strangers In Fairyland gained some traction last year, we wanted to make a cohesive full-length album – a holistic musical listening experience that would leave listeners hooked from top to bottom. We wanted it to feel like we just walked into a room with our band and played.  That’s a lot of the reason Edges turned out the way it did.  Special guests like G Love and Gov’t Mules Danny Louis only added to the organic rock-jam vibe. This music is who we are. It’s every edge of us, every facet. And we’ve truly never been so excited to share something with all of you out there in the world.”


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3 thoughts on “FULL ALBUM STREAM: Jocelyn & Chris Arndt Join Up With G Love & Danny Louis on New LP ‘Edges’

  1. Laine Cyr Reply

    I went to school with these two, Their dad was my teacher. I had the privilege of watching them grow, from high school talent shows to community shows, and touring the country to releasing this new album. Im super proud and inspired by how far they’ve come, and can only imagine the amount of work they’ve put into it. Keep going, you guys, keep climbing! Im rooting for you.

  2. Ed Golash Reply

    Powerful and soulful! Cut the Cord should be a single !

  3. Mark A Herndon Reply

    This masterfully crafted CD collection cuts to the bluesy edge of soul and indie rock with a touch of Diva attitude. The CD will make the run to the top full of chart material, Mark A Herndon​, Pres. Chattanooga Live Music​ (TN)

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