The Books Sign To Temporary Residence & New Album Due

The visionary duo of Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong, collectively known to the world as The Books, are pleased to announce their signing to Temporary Residence Limited and plans to release a new album this July!  Their 2010 release will mark the band’s return to the studio after five years of work and touring and the beginning of a whole new journey as a long-awaited follow-up to the band’s critically acclaimed previous releases, Lost and Safe, The Lemon of Pink and Thought for Food.

The Books have carved a niche for themselves in both the music and art world, mixing brilliant song-writing and minimalist instrumentation with found sound and visual pastiche, crafting some of the most sonically infectious albums that have been made in the oughts. Their trademark aesthetic also applies to their live show, where they present hours of sifted-through found video and images, edited down to video pieces that interact and are manipulated simultaneously with their music.  The band’s last album, 2005’s Lost and Safe, was released to much worldwide applause and The Books subsequent sold-out world tour was met with glowing reviews of their live show, which prominently featured their video art installations in unexpected spaces accompanied by their incredible soundtracks. The band is thrilled to perform at ATP Festival in New York this September and will announce a slew of new dates this year in the weeks to follow.

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