April 7, 2010

Wednesday Intermezzo: CashOrTrade.org

Now that the presales and public onsales have past, Phish fans are figuring out what extras they are left with and what tickets they still need. Last year, the CashForYourExtra

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God Street Wednesdays: Mashable

The extremely popular social media guide Mashable doesn’t post about music too often, so it was quite a surprise to see an article about God Street Wine pop up on

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Lost Cubicle Chatter: Happily Ever After

In an effort to focus our attention on something besides Phish for a change, we’ve decided at HT headquarters to (hopefully) drum up some good chatter about the final season of the greatest television show in the history of the idiot box. Check in on Wednesday of every week during Season 6 to share your thoughts, theories, complaints and assessments of the previous night’s episode. Big time SPOILER alert for anyone didn‘t watch yet.

Synopsis: As always, we teamed up with the Joker from Coventry for this week’s setlist and recap. Side note: Joker ran a reprint of his epic LOST/Phish Tees if anyone missed out the first time around. Check ’em out.

Geronimo Jackson, April 6, 2010
Mini Acoustic Set (On Island): Desert Island > Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits > You Must Be Out of Your Mind > Strange Powers (1)

Set w/Full Band (Off Island): Wolfman’s Brotha (2) > No Surprises (3), Whiskey In The Jar (4), Drowned (5) > Penny Lane (6), Guest List (7) > Mike’s Song (8) > Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (9) > The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face (10)

E (On Island): Help! (11) > Break Ya Neck (12),

(1) All Magnetic Fields covers; Desmond and Widmore
(2) Phish; Music only, Desmond stares into mirror
(3) Radiohead; Desmond and Claire
(4) Metallica; Desmond and Widmore, second verse Desmond and Charlie
(5) The Who, Charlie and Desmond
(6) The Beatles, Charlie and Desmond
(7) The Eels, Desmond and Eloise Hawking
(8) Phish; riff and tease, “Trapped In Time and I Don’t Know What To Do” lyrics repeated
(9) U2, Desmond and Daniel Faraday
(10) Roberta Flack; Desmond and Penny
(11) Beatles; Desmond and Widmore
(12) Busta Rhymes; Sayid

Epic One Liner of the Week: “There’s always a choice, Brotha.”

READ ON for this week’s discussion points and more…

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Video: Band Of Horses – Compliments

On my personal short list of albums that I’ve been eagerly anticipating this year is the Infinite Arms, the third full-length from Band Of Horses, which hits stores on May

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UMBowl Gets The iClips Treatment

On April 24th, prog-jammers Umphrey’s McGee will take the stage at Lincoln Hall in Chicago for an inventive live music experience akin to a football game called the UMBowl in

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Volume 37: Jay Farrar

“What I’d give for that hat to be medicine.” To me, that is the quintessential Jay Farrar lyric. It’s poetic. It’s direct. It’s something that could mean anything.

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North American Tour For Buzzcocks

Buzzcocks announce a massive tour of North America. The tour sees the godfathers of punk pop – Pete Shelley, Steve Diggle, Danny Farrant and Chris Remington – hit 22 cities

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