Mason Reed really amazes me.  The first time I saw him perform was at The Welcome Café in Redondo Beach, CA.  A mutual friend of ours told me, “This guy is good.”  And he was.

Since that gig in April 2008, we’ve kept in touch.  And thankfully, Mason released an EP titled, You Can’t Come Back from Heaven, in February.  As the follow-up to his 2005 release, Witches and Whiskey, the new record is his account on lost loves and the comfort and freedom of driving the open road.

“I hope it gives people an idea of where I’m coming from. I hope to be able to write songs and tour as long as I live.  I’m in this for the long haul.  Willing to follow the road wherever it leads for the love of the song, the story, and the music,” he says.
He’s been on the road since February and has already charmed audiences in cities such as Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, Madison, WI and Seattle, WA.  Many have listened to his EP with rave reviews and I felt the necessary need to promote as well. 

Lucky for us, the tour isn’t over.  Mason has dubbed his 2010 tour as, “the never-ending tour.”  Catch his upcoming dates in Colorado Springs, CO, Chicago, IL Milwaukee, WI and Kingsport, TN.  You will be entertained, charmed, and hearing stories about bars in Austin, TX!  Mason’s always got a good story.

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