VIDEO PREMIERE: Watch Johnny Winter and Dr. John Slay “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” Off New “Live In Sweden 1987” DVD

Back in the 1980’s there were a handful of years when two of the most revered figures in Southern rock joined forces. Texas blues virtuoso Johnny Winter and New Orleans’ prodigal piano-playing son Dr. John teamed up for a number of appearances throughout the 80’s, mainly for television tapings outside of the U.S., which may be why the collaboration has gained so much mystique over the years. It may not have been the most obvious collaboration, but damn if those two didn’t have some serious chemistry.

Out of these performances featuring Johnny Winter and Dr. John, one that has always captured the ears and eyes of fans is an appearance at the famed Sonet Studios in Stockholm, Sweden in January of 1987. The eight-song set, which features the likes of “Sound the Bell,” “Prodigal Son” and “Sugar Sweet”, has been a sought after bootleg recording for years. Now those who have spent years trying to track down grainy bootlegs can rejoice when the performance is released as a DVD, CD and vinyl on April 22nd through MVD Entertainment Group.

We are excited to offer a sneak peek at one of the most impressive and entertaining tracks on this release, a blistering cover of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, which you can watch below. 

Towards the tail end of a set that is clearly on fire, Johnny Winter and Dr. John embark on a gloriously cranked up version of the Rolling Stones classic “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”. What ensures is a nearly ten minute jam that never lets up for even a millisecond. Just take a look at the Swedes in the studio audience, half of whom are going absolutely bonkers and half of whom look frozen in place as they get their faces melted off, and you can get a pretty good idea of how special it must have been to experience these two legends take this well-known rock and roll tune into an entirely new dimension. Winter is gaunt but bursting with spirit as he shreds hard and fast enough to put Keith Richards to shame, all while spinning around and mugging for the crowd. You can practically see the sparks flying as Dr. John lays into a speedy piano boogie to dance behind the guitar playing. There are some other surprises too that need to be seen to be believed. The moment is truly one-of-a-kind as these two renowned musicians are captured at a peak musical moment.

I could go on and on about this clip, but some things are just better to experience for yourself. Watch Johnny Winter and Dr. John take on “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” in 1987:

[vimeo id=”159087705″ width=”630″ height=”350″]


Sound the Bell
Don’t Take Advantage of Me
Mojo Boogie
You Lie Too Much
Sugar Sweet
Love Life & Money
Jumpin Jack Flash
Prodigal Son


Johnny Winter with Dr. John Live In Sweden 1987 will be available via MVD Entertainment Group on DVD, CD and vinyl April 22, 2016. ORDER NOW 


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4 Responses

    1. Jon Paris on bass , Tommy Shannon on drums. Saw this line up in 1984 Johnny was slidin on down and blew my mind!

  1. Not Tommy Shannon on drums. Tommy plays bass. He did play with JW earlier on, but by 1987 he was with Stevie Ray along with Chris Layton. I think this drummer was with JW when they made LIVE!, but can’t recall his name.

  2. The drummer is Tom Compton.tommy Shannon is a bass player and played in johnny winters band till 1970,and went on to play bass for Stevie Ray Vaughn.tom Compton was drumming with johnny all through the eighties into the early ninties

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