ALBUM PREMIERE: Stream Frontier Folk Nebraska’s new live album ‘This One’s For the Kid in The Back: Live at the Southgate House Revival’

Let’s get something important out of the way: Frontier Folk Nebraska are not a folk band and they are not from Nebraska. Don’t ask me to explain the name, because it’s definitely not important here. What I can tell you is that they are a hard hitting rock and roll band from Kentucky and they are absolutely worthy of your attention. If you want proof of this, you needn’t look any further than the quartet’s new live album, This One’s For the Kid in The Back: Live at the Southgate House Revival, coming April 1st on Old Flame Records. We are excited to offer a sneak premiere today on Glide Magazine.

If the album title didn’t give it away, this is 18 songs – chosen out of nearly 30 – of cranked up, hard-rocking tunes captured in raw yet pristine glory. You can hear hoots and hollers and beers clinking as a crowd at the Newport, Kentucky venue – clearly all big fans – savors an extended performance of the kind of songs that we just don’t hear enough of these days. The band themselves seem to be intent on a sound that is as reminiscent of early 90’s grunge as it is of alt-country, with flourishes of punk shimmering through occasionally. At times it sounds as if the Old 97’s met The Hold Steady in a back alley for a joint and came up with a way to fuse their sounds. These songs are impressive in scale, and you can easily picture Frontier Folk rocking a gigantic festival austin as much as you can see them annihilating your neighborhood dive bar. Guitar solos soar and choruses soar even higher, and the live album sucks you in.

Reflecting on the decision to release a live album, the members of the band say, “Frontier Folk Nebraska is first and foremost about the sense of pride we take in creating this music for ourselves. We want to share it with as many people as possible, and this album was our attempt to capture our evolution of songs and styles nearly a decade in the making. We couldn’t be more proud of where we are as a band and where we think this album can take awareness to a whole new level. We hope it’s reach is endless and that lays a path for us to tour and play more songs for those that want hear great American music.”

Crack open a cold one and give a listen to Frontier Folk Nebraska’s This One’s For the Kid in The Back: Live at the Southgate House Revival:

This One’s For the Kid in The Back: Live at the Southgate House Revival comes out April 1st on Old Flame Records. For more info and music check out Frontier Folk Nebraska on Bandcamp.

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