SONG PREMIERE: Listen to The Broadcast’s Soulful New Single “Steamroller” Off Upcoming Album ‘From the Horizon’

Originally from New York City and now based out of the culturally vibrant town of Asheville, North Carolina, The Broadcast are a band destined for big things. Caitlin Krisko is the frontwoman of The Broadcast and she immediately draws you in with her powerful, dynamic vocals. While the singer has formal training in music, the band’s sound is anything but formal with its emphasis on blending soul, funk, Americana and roots rock to create something fresh and exciting for the listener. Following their acclaimed 2013 debut album Dodge The Arrow, The Broadcast has shared stages with the likes of St Paul & The Broken BonesThe Wood BrothersKeller WilliamsGeorge Porter Jr (Funky Meters)Betty LaVetteCharles Bradley, and Holly Williams. 

On June 17th The Broadcast will release their new album From The Horizon, which was produced by multi-Grammy winner Jim Scott and finds the band “delving deeper into the realm of Americana”. We’re excited to premiere the album’s leadoff track “Steamroller” right here on Glide Magazine, and to get an inside look at The Broadcast’s new album and the song, we recently caught up with frontwoman Caitlin Krisko. Check out the interview and listen to “Steamroller” below…

You seem to have a background in formal music education. How did you move from that into the kind of soulful rock and roll you play with this band. Was there something that sparked your interest?

After attending a private arts conservatory in NYC for college I knew I wanted to integrate the arts and music into my every day life. Being in an arts program is this wonderful world where you attend classes from sunrise to sunset and then suddenly one Monday morning it’s over and you’ve graduated. Writing music and being in a band became the platform that allowed me to explore my voice and self expression on a daily basis.

Were there lessons you learned performing in NYC while you were coming up, or anything that you have applied to how you approach a career in music now?

I was very lucky to attend arts conservatories from a young age in my education. Attending the Professional Performing Arts School in NYC was a life changing experience for me because unlike a lot of typical high school experiences I hear about, PPAS was all about sticking out, not fitting in. Some of my wildest and most eccentric friends to this day are still those kids I went to school with. Being a teenager in NYC was a dream come true. It teaches you how to be unapologetically YOU and I think that mentality is applied to our everyday choices in The Broadcast.

How did the members of the band meet and connect?

Years of touring and playing shows in different cities inevitably connects you to other musicians within the community. While Tyler (percussion) and I started the band in 2010 in NYC, the rest of the band wasn’t discovered until we relocated to Asheville, NC. Now I’m officially a Brooklyn girl in a band chock full of Southern gentlemen. It’s a trip!

The band relocated to Asheville, NC in 2010. What’s the music scene like there and do you think that has allowed the band to breathe a little more creatively?

The music scene in Asheville has exploded in the last five years and we are so proud to be a part of that ripple effect. Bands like The Broadcast along with other artists like John Stickley Trio, River Whyless, and The Honeycutters are really starting to make a national reputation for Asheville’s soulful Americana sound.

How did you team up with Jim Scott and what did he bring to the table creatively?

When Aaron (guitarist) and I were beginning discussions for our sophomore album, we had an afternoon dreaming up ideas for how we wanted the experience to unravel. Tedeschi Trucks Band and Grace Potter are two of my favorite acts and when we looked up the producer on their most recent albums, both were produced by Jim. I knew as a female vocalist I’d be in great hands with him, and after sending a super fan girl letter to his manager along with a few demos, we got a response the next morning and hopped on a call with Jim that afternoon. The rest is sweet history. It’s a true testament to the power of putting yourself out there. You just never know what magic might come of it.  It was pretty surreal hearing someone like Jim comment on how special From the Horizon will be for women in music. I hope to make him proud!

Can you talk about the writing process for this album – who handles writing lyrics and such?

As soon as Aaron and I got the green-light from Jim we collectively decided to take a few months off the road and really immerse ourselves in the creative process of writing the album. There’s SO MUCH going on in the world right now and in our country, it felt really important to honor that and capture the juxtaposition of love and tension happening in our communities. Music is a platform to inspire a sense of oneness among people, so we really kept that in mind while writing these songs. In terms of process, Aaron and I cowrote the entire album – him handling the instrumentation while I tackled the melodies and lyrics.

Were there any acts that you were listening to going into the album that you think inspired the sounds on the record?

While we were writing this album we were listening to a LOT of Eagles, Tedeschi Trucks Band, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, and Sturgill Simpson.

Where did the idea and the inspiration come from for the song “Steamroller” – is there a story behind the song?

“Steamroller” is a power anthem that stemmed from the idea that the harder you work the more outside people might try to drag you down on your road to success. It’s important to rise above that noise, stay true to yourself, and always, always keep you eye on the prize. The colors fade when you lose what you never gave is a reminder that you only get what you give. If you’re receiving something you don’t give back, you’ll inevitably lose it. Stay grateful, stay focused.

Listen to The Broadcast’s new song “Steamroller”:

The Broadcast release From The Horizon June 17th. For tour dates, info and more music check out

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