VIDEO PREMIERE: Watch Award-Winning Animated Video For Songsmith Benjamin Scheuer’s “Weather the Storm”

Back in 2012 songsmith Benjamin Scheuer found himself bouncing around the coffee shops of Greenwich Village performing autobiographical songs. Scheuer’s material dwelled on emotional subjects like the passing of his father when he was just 13, a romantic relationship gone awry, and getting diagnosed, treated for, and ultimately cured of advance stage cancer. This was heavy stuff, and he found himself running into the dilemma of finding things to say to his audience between songs. Instead of taking his chances with improvising, which Scheuer admits he wasn’t good at, he decided to memorize what he would say in between performing songs. Then something special happened.

“I met theatre director Sean Daniels, and he helped me build the best version of the gig I was trying to make. With the script written down, and a handful of new songs, the gig eventually took the form of a one-person theatre show in which I performed. We called it THE LION. It premiered off-Broadway in the summer of 2014 at the Manhattan Theatre Club, where it was produced by Mandy Greenfield,” says Scheuer.

The success of the theatre production inspired Scheuer to make an album of the songs so that they could stand apart as more of an actual piece of music as opposed to being part of a larger theatrical production. He teamed up with “old friend, collaborator and musical confidante” Geoff Kraly to produced the record. The result is Scheuer’s debut album Songs from The Lion, which comes out June 3 via Warner/ADA.

In talking about Songs from The Lion, Scheuer points out that the goal was for “the sonic production of the songs on this album to fulfill the same purpose that the lighting, set design, directing, acting, costume design, and all that stuff, fulfills in the theatre show.”

We are excited to present the premiere of the new video for Benjamin Scheuer’s “Weather The Storm” right here on Glide Magazine. The animated video uses director Peter Baynton’s own watercolor paintings to produce cubist Lowry-inspired designs, and it was just awarded the honor of Public Choice For Best Music Video at the recent British Animation Awards. 

The video is visually dazzling and emotionally uplifting all at once, and is only enhanced by Scheuer’s heartfelt, honest song that brings to mind the likes of Dawes, Nick Lowe, Paul Simon, and even a touch of Neil Diamond. This is a song about resilience and keeping your head up, and I can promise that both the video and the song will bring a smile to your face. WATCH:

Benjamin Scheuer’s Songs from The Lion comes out June 3 via Warner/ADA. For more music and info check out You can also purchase the single below:

Cover photo:  Shervin Lainez

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