SONG PREMIERE: Nudie Channels Bakersfield And Bad Habits In “It Ain’t Gonna Happen Today”

Fans of country music will immediately recognize the name Nudie because of Nudie Cohn, the infamous tailor who crafted legendary suits for the likes of Gram Parsons, Porter Wagoner, Elvis Presley, and Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill of ZZ Top among many others. His colorful suits often featured loads of rhinestones and elaborate designs that are forever linked to country music. This was the inspiration behind the name of Canadian Americana-country act Nudie, who, despite hailing from the Great White North, are well-versed in what Gram Parsons once called Cosmic American Music. Their blend of honky tonk, hard country, rockabilly and Americana would fit right at home in Nashville or perhaps even the Los Angeles country rock scene of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Nudie’s upcoming album Everything’s Different In The Night stays in that same vein with plenty of twang to go around. The album’s official release is April 22nd and today we are excited to present a sneak peek right here on Glide Magazine with an exclusive premiere of the album’s opening track “It Ain’t Gonna Happen Today”. Within seconds of the first twangy guitar notes the tune brings to mind Buck Owens and the Bakersfield sound as the band’s frontman – who goes by Nudie – sings about dealing with one’s vices in a voice that sounds like its seen more than a few barrooms and drunken nights. In true country fashion, lyrics that would be troublesome come across as just another plight in the life of a rambling man.

“Vices and the way they take hold of you is an endless source of inspiration for songs. I never have to look far to see myself or someone else wrestling with one or another. After one particularly rough night, this song was the outcome.  I’m all for self improvement, but sometimes you have to cut yourself a break and be okay with the fact that ‘It Ain’t Gonna Happen Today,’” says Nudie.

Grab a cold one, light up a smoke, and give a listen to Nudie’s “It Ain’t Gonna Happen Today”:

Nudie’s Everything’s Different In The Night is out April 22nd. For more music and info check out

Cover photo: Anna Karpinski

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