Pixies 11/05/2004: Tweeter Center, Camden NJ

The line separating myth and reality is sometimes so blurred it is hard to tell the difference between the two. For some bands the myth has outgrown the reality to the point where the music they make is inconsequential to the image they portray. This image even covers up a lack of talent in some bands. For other bands they blazed across the sky so quickly, before burning out that the music they left is all but forgotten. Sometimes that blurred line is razor thin and what separates the truth from fiction is nothing more than poor timing or great word of mouth. So many bands have made a career off of the myth, without having the talent to truly back it up.

The Pixies first exploded in 1988. They released two hugely critically lauded albums, Doolittle and Surfer Rosa, headlined what seemed like every major music Festival, became one of the biggest bands in the world

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