SONG PREMIERE: Kingsborough Ignite the Rock And Roll Flame On “Percy”

When Billy Kingsborough put together a band that carried his last name back in 2011, his goal was to re-create the kind of big rock and roll sound that was commonplace in the 70’s. It didn’t need to be flashy or retro to the point of gimmick, just a gang of dudes willing to sweat out raw, in-your-face rock and roll on a stage. So far Kingsborough has succeeded in that as him and his band have been grabbing the attention of audiences with one explosive set after another across their home turf of Northern California and beyond.

Harnessing the sheer power of their live performances in the studio was the primary goal for the members of Kingsborough when they recorded their new single “Percy”, which we are excited to premiere on Glide Magazine today. The song is a lightning fast, guitar-driven rocker with an anthemic chorus that makes you want to thrust a fist in the air while singing along.

The band’s frontman and namesake Billy Kingsborough shares the inspiration and process behind the song:

“The song is mainly about obsession and addiction and the search to satisfy those. The character in the song provides the narrative of his or her thought process while out at night looking for that satisfaction. Whether the obsession is for booze, drugs, sex or simply love is up to the listener to decide.

We all have addictions to something that gives us short-term bliss. When you satisfy that obsession it gives you a feeling worth being addicted to.

The recording process was interesting. We were all pretty run-down from the holidays and I was sick as a dog with a 100 degree fever just 3 days before. I think that added a bit of urgency to the sound.

For this song, we wanted the vocals to have a sort of ‘strung out Mick Jagger’ thing going on. To do this we started recording the vocals at about 10 at night. Once I was finished they made me drink 3 Lagunitas IPA’s + a shot of whiskey, then had me re-do all the vocals again.”

Give a listen to Kingsborough’s new single “Percy”:

Kingsborough release “Percy” officially on May 13th. For more music and info visit

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