Tales From The Golden Road: Nate Currin Tour Diary – Week #1

For the month of May, Georgia singer-songwriter Nate Currin will be sharing weekly dispatches from his current tour in support of his newly released album ‘The Madman And The Poet’ (REVIEW). We are excited to let Nate take the reins and share his journey with us as he traverses the East Coast, Midwest and South of this great big country! 

We kicked off a 65 city/30 state tour run about a week and a half ago, and what a way to kick things off. Played a SOLD OUT show at Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta, and have spent the last 10 days or so playing shows up the East Coast, from Raleigh to New York City to Boston, yesterday.

Now that I have a day off in New England, I’m reflecting back on the last few weeks, and the wild ride it’s been just here in the beginning. The road is a grueling place, and it’s easy to get exhausted, depressed, or discouraged. I have to constantly remind myself of my love for the music – what’s at the absolute heart and soul of what I do. The beautiful thing about the road is it often reveals what you’re already struggling with: for me things like doubt and dependence. Last week we played for a couple of super small crowds (Washington DC and Annapolis), and I get so caught up in numbers sometimes that it’s easy to lose focus of the music. We played for a room of about 25 in Annapolis, and it’s easy to focus on the numbers, but when a girl comes up to you afterwards and tells you that every single song spoke to her in a special way, then proceeds to load up on merch/vinyl, etc. that can turn that negative energy into a smile and even more: into hope. So, with that in mind, today I’m immersing myself back in the music and getting some rest while I remind myself why I’m out on the road.


The show at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC was a beautiful night – played to a packed house, and had a bartender come up to me after and say, “I just want you to know…I see dozens of shows/artists a week. And while they’re all good, I just don’t even pay attention anymore. But when you performed, I was blown away. You have something special going on.” Just hearing words like that, brings a sense of legitimacy to what I do. So, with the encouragement in mind, I’m excited about shows later this week in MA, PA, VA and NC.

For a full list of Nate Currin tour dates as well as music and more info check out natecurrin.com.

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