Todd Carey: Revolving World

It was only a short time ago that Todd Carey was stage leader and front-man of west coast jam rockers, Telepathy. Recently, a music transposition occurred for this Chicago native allowing him to mature as the sensitive singer-songwriter type. His debut album Revolving World is molded upon his strongest elements of showmanship, production and songwriting, while bridging the cap between singer/songwriter and rocker.

Carey keeps admirable company on this coming out party, working with producer/engineer Paul Du Gre (Mike Gordon/Leo Kottke, Tracy Chapman, Los Lobos) and writer/producer Jim Tulio (Los Lonely Boys, Mavis Staples, The Band). Together, they help to create a spectrum of rich effects to accompany his ambitious musical textures.

With confessional anthems laid amongst pop sensibilities, Revolving World surely revolves gracefully. From the reggae flavored folk of

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