Tales From The Golden Road: Nate Currin Tour Diary – Week #2

For the month of May, Georgia singer-songwriter Nate Currin will be sharing weekly dispatches from his current tour in support of his newly released album ‘The Madman And The Poet’ (REVIEW). We are excited to let Nate take the reins and share his journey with us as he traverses the East Coast, Midwest and South of this great big country! 

I think there is something that most people don’t realize about touring musicians. We absolutely LOVE to see a friendly face on the road…there’s nothing like showing up at a venue, in a new city, and seeing a friend walk through the door. And I think most people don’t realize that, or take it for granted. We kick off the “mid-Atlantic” run of the tour tomorrow in Knoxville, from there heading to Nashville, Bowling Green, Louisville, Elizabethtown, Indy, Chicago…and on up to Wisconsin. And I’m truly hoping to see some friendly faces along the way.


But the way you initially make those friends and establish those friendly faces is by playing spots for the first time or building a following through repeat exposure in a city. We made our way south last week from Boston, and the first spot was a house show in Springfield, MA. What a super fun night! We could not have asked for a better show on a rainy, Tuesday night. The house filled up with friendly and welcoming people who were all locked in for the entire two hour long set.

We then did a Performing Arts Center in Pennsylvania followed by a sold out show in Virginia and an amazing packed-out performance in Greensboro, NC. What was beautiful to me, is I set a record: first for merch sales at the Virginia show and then ticket sale funds at the North Carolina show. So, that was a huge boost for myself and the guys!


We also mixed things up at the Virginia show by doing our own version of Ryan Adams’ “Oh my Sweet Carolina” since the show happened to fall on the date of the re-issue of his album Heartbreaker. And while I love paying tribute to my favorite artists, I think the crowd enjoyed it even more. Saturday’s show was no different. It was an outdoor venue, and halfway into the show it started pouring rain so we moved inside the house next door and people crowded around us in a living room to finish out the night. And while the rain dampened us and the equipment for a bit, it didn’t keep us down for long. Thanks to all those who finished out the night with us, in rain-soaked clothes but with smiling faces – listening until the very last note of the last song.

For a full list of Nate Currin tour dates as well as music and more info check out natecurrin.com.

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