VIDEO PREMIERE: The Explorers Club Channel Sun Washed 60’s Pop With “California’s Callin’ Ya”

Plenty of bands try to dodge the comparisons to their influences in an effort to come off as original and hip as possible. Other bands do not make the slightest attempt to cover up the bands they are emulating. The Explorers Club fall in the latter group and we are all better for it. You would never know this group was started in Charleston, South Carolina and is now based in Nashville based on their music, which falls in the quintessential style of rich vocal harmonies and detailed arrangements made popular by The Beach Boys over 50 years ago. The band approaches sun washed California surf pop in a similar vein to how NRBQ approached pop, rockabilly and jazz. There is a tongue in cheek element to what they are doing, yet they have clearly studied up and know how to capture the essence of what made their influences so special to begin with.

On June 24th The Explorers Group will release their new album Together via Goldstar Recordings. The group only recently dropped their new single from the album, “California’s Callin’ Ya”, and today we are delighted to premiere the music video for that tune right here on Glide Magazine. 

In true Beach Boys fashion, the video features washed out colors to capture the old film look and the innocence of the early 60’s as two lovestruck teens cruise around Southern California in a fire apple red Chevy convertible. Like the name of the song suggests, you are enticed to drop everything, grab your baby and head for the golden sunshine and beaches of the West Coast.

The band’s frontman Jason Brewer says, “the video hits so many major landmarks that I love to visit when I am in Los Angeles and when I was writing the song I pictured these places in my mind. The colors and scenery perfectly sync up with the colors the music and lyrics bring to mind.”

WATCH The Explorers Club’s video for “California’s Callin’ Ya”:

[youtube id=”oe0RESujmqM” width=”630″ height=”350″]

The Explorers Club release their new album Together on June 24th. For tour dates, music and more info check out


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