Tales From The Golden Road: Nate Currin Tour Diary – Week #4

For the month of May, Georgia singer-songwriter Nate Currin will be sharing weekly dispatches from his current tour in support of his newly released album ‘The Madman And The Poet’ (REVIEW). We are excited to let Nate take the reins and share his journey with us as he traverses the East Coast, Midwest and South of this great big country! 

Touring is exhausting. We’re now almost 6 weeks into the 3 month stretch…around 28-29 shows down, another 500 to go. At least that’s what it feels like at this moment…

We’re at that point where the truck stinks, all of my clothes are dirty – it’s just finding the least dirty shirt each night, and we’re all struggling with fatigue or sickness. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the flu, with fever and vomiting and the works, but I played through it a few nights ago in Wisconsin. We performed last night at the Old Rock House in St. Louis and finished another leg of the tour with a really fun show, meeting some wonderful folks, including a couple who drove over 3 hours to see us play – now that’s a nice feeling in the midst of being sick and tired.


This is what it’s all about though! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Touring is not for the faint of heart or the weak of body. It’s about fortitude, perseverance and passion. I am excited about seeing family and friends in Florida this coming weekend though! And then more family in Muscle Shoals the week after that! We leave in the morning for Orlando, for a 4-day-4 show Florida stretch and then head up to Alabama and on to Memphis, New Orleans and Texas from there!


But whether it’s people driving hundreds of miles to see you, someone purchasing a vinyl even though they already own the album on disc – just because they love it, or people sheepishly asking to get their photo with you after a show…it’s always a beautiful feeling. People will come up after and give me a hug, and I always apologize for being soaked in sweat. But I’m slowly realizing that that’s one of the things that fans love: that sweat is the badge I wear for leaving it all on stage every single night, and that passion really is what it’s all about.

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For a full list of Nate Currin tour dates as well as music and more info check out natecurrin.com.

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