ALBUM PREMIERE: Skunkmello Get Loud & Bent on ‘Hot Chicken’ LP

skunkmello-hotchicken2_coverBrooklyn-based rock & rollers, Skunkmello will release their new album  Hot Chicken, out June 10, 2016. Back to the basics rock is certainly a welcomed addition in 2016 and Skunkmello hits the volume and swagger dial on all cylinders. Blending the influences of classic rockers and blues artists, such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, Towns Van Zandt and The Rolling Stones, Skunkmello celebrate the traditions of rock ‘n’ roll with brazen irreverence.

The group’s three previous releases, Whiskey & Oatmeal EP (2012), 2013’s Lowlife Dreams EP (produced by the band and mastered by Grammy Award-winner Brian Lucey, best known for his work on The Black Keys’ Brothers and El Camino) and 2014’s Stars & Stripes, have all met with critical acclaim.  Matt Bartlett (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Ed Cuervo (guitar, vocals), Jay Holt (bass, vocals) and Jono Ori (drums, vocals) are set to usher in this hot coal next chapter with Hot Chicken.

Glide Magazine is premiering a full stream of ‘Hot Chicken’ today- an album that conjures a Stonesque swagger and an  all around raunchy sound mirroring that of early Aerosmith and The Black Crowes.

“Hot Chicken is a real high-proof rock and roll record, meant to be played at high volume at indecent hours of the night,” adds the band. “Written episodically over many years of hard living, each song functions as a vignette in the larger paradigm of the record as a whole. While the album doesn’t so much tell a specific story, it does create a cohesive narrative reflecting our wayward experiences and bent perspectives.”​​



Photo by AJ Ferrer

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