SONG PREMIERE: Great Peacock Returns to Folk Roots With Poignant “Society Hill”

Nashville based Great Peacock might be just another band based out of Music City, but upon listening to Making Ghosts, the band’s harmony-heavy, guitar-driven 2015 debut album, you can hear immediately the band are making music for all the right reasons. Its 11 songs are filled with a gritty directness that gives the Americana genre its defining element along with musicianship that is both rootsy and rockin’. Upon listening further, one notices a crafty vulnerability and poignancy parallel to that of both Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams here.

 “To us, it’s just pop music with organic acoustic instruments,” says Andrew Nelson, who shares lead vocals and guitar duties with co-founder Blount Floyd. “The album has some fiddle, some pedal steel and a whole lot of acoustic guitar, which sounds like the traditional setup for a country band. But this isn’t a country record. It’s not really a folk record, either. It’s a pop record—with folk tendencies.”

Glide Magazine is premiering “Society Hill,” the B-side to the band’s new single “Let You Go” – out July 1.”Society Hill,” is a hushed, stripped-down acoustic number that finds common ground between modern Americana duos like Shovels & Rope and The Milk Carton Kids, Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger and Heartbreaker-era Ryan Adams. The recording, cut live in the studio, emphasizes the gorgeously understated harmonies of best friends/bandmates Andrew Nelson & Blount Floyd, while the production has the intimate feel of an unplugged living-room show.

“The song is a return to traditional folk. We started off as a folk band and wanted to put something out that would be representative of our original sound: even the recording is a live take around a bunch of ribbon mics,” notes the band to Glide about the track. “Not only is the song a return to our earlier folk sound it also has the melodic feel of a lullaby. The lyrics are about gaining rest in a cemetery. We wanted a melody that would match the lyrical need for slumber.”



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