SONG PREMIERE: Radio Moscow Unleash Psyched Out Blues On “City Lights” Off New Double Live LP

Some bands are made for the stage, and Radio Moscow are definitely one of them. The trio of Stratocaster wizard Parker Griggs, bassist Anthony Meier and drummer Paul Marrone thrive together in the live setting, bouncing sonically off one another and their audience as they unleash a torrent of psychedelic blues. Both onstage and over the course of their five albums, the members of Radio Moscow are masters at delivering a delightful assault on the senses, the kind that feels like an intense, colorful acid trip minus any of that hippie dippy shit.

It’s only fitting that sooner or later the band would get around to releasing a proper live album, and that is exactly what they are doing with their upcoming double LP Live! In California, coming out July 8th on Alive Naturalsound RecordsRecorded completely live with no overdubs over the course of two pummeling nights of rock and roll at at The Satellite Club in Los Angeles in December 2015, the album captures these beasts of shred in their natural habitat. The album finds the band in prime form as they tear through their catalogue of psyched out blues like a vicious wolf ripping into a fresh kill.

Today we are excited to offer an exclusive preview of the Live! In California with our premiere of the tune “City Lights”. If there’s one thing that sets this song apart, it’s the down and dirty slide guitar playing of Parker Griggs, who makes it clear that he is one guitarist who is not to be messed with. The song conjures up frenzied imagery of a Deep South juke joint filled with sweaty, gyrating bodies, all of whom are as possessed by the music as the musicians onstage.

Parker Griggs explains the song best, saying, “This is one of the slide guitar songs we play in the set. This tune goes back pretty far and was written shortly after recording the first album. We recorded a previous unreleased version of this in Akron, Ohio, then it was properly released and re-recorded for the second album Brain Cycles. This one’s got a Deep South blues feel but turned up ‘n heavy. It’s about getting away from the distractions of the big city.”

 There you have it, now crank up your speakers and listen to Radio Moscow’s “City Lights” performed live:

Radio Moscow’s Live! In California will be available on July 8th via Alive Naturalsound Records. Besides CDs and downloads, there will also be a limited pressing of 200 hand mixed starburst vinyl records. ORDER HERE

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