VIDEO PREMIERE: Yarn Truck It Back Home With “Carolina Heart”

Living in New York City makes you question a lot of things about your life, like why anyone would want to be surrounded by so many buildings and other people, all stacked on top of one another. Sometimes the best way to escape the claustrophobia is find some space and slow life down a bit, which is exactly what the members of Americana band Yarn did when they decided to leave Brooklyn behind and head for the greener pastures of North Carolina. Here the band was able to tap into a new fervor for both performing and recording, and their latest effort This Is The Year is a testament to that. Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Blake Christiana, Yarn delivered a collection of songs that felt rustic and free, just the way a good country or bluegrass tune should. The members of the band seemed focused and clear-headed as they harmonized and conjured up playful, catchy melodies.

One song that manages to capture both the sound of a creatively and emotionally revived Yarn as well as the sentimental feeling of leaving behind Brooklyn for North Carolina is “Carolina Heart”. Today we are excited to premiere the new music video for the tune right here on Glide Magazine. The colorful animated sequence of a rusty old pickup truck leaving the big city  fits perfectly with the song as Blake Christiana sings “Need a new light in my heart/To guide me through the dark”. As the truck moves away from the city and into the country the acoustic picking becomes more lively and the harmonies more hopeful. By the time the truck makes it to the beach we hear the drumbeat and we can feel the momentum and excitement that comes from freeing yourself. We know everything is going to be just fine when we see a bright BBQ sign while Christiana sings, “Carolina won’t you rescue my heart”. Keep an eye out for a few funny add-ins as well.

Colin Moore, the director of the video, says, “The idea behind the video was to create a hyperrealistic 3D environment that would capture the feel of the Carolinas. It’s about leaving the cold, dark, claustrophobic city to find peace in the countryside and in yourself.”

Anyone who has ever left a place behind to seek out a fresh start somewhere else can relate to the lyrics and video. Blake Christiana adds his own backstory, “I wrote the song while living in Pennsylvania, I had moved out there temporarily before moving to Carolina from Brooklyn. Kind of my New York City swan song. It was time. I love New York, but it was just time for me to go.”

Watch Yarn’s new video for “Carolina Heart”:

[youtube id=”yXXxPm_Fqd8″ width=”630″ height=”350″]

Yarn’s This Is The Year is out now via Ardsley Music. For more music, tour dates and info visit

You can also hear and order This Is The Year:


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