VIDEO PREMIERE: Jimbo Mathus Beats Out Trump With Rock And Roll In Video For “Gringo Man”

Like any American with half a brain, Jimbo Mathus is not happy about the current political climate. Though his latest release, the nine-song EP Band Of Storms (Big Legal Mess), may not be directly about the state of U.S. politics and the troubles of the world at large, songs like “Play With Fire”, “Stop Your Crying”, “Massive Confusion” and “Keep It Together” feel strangely relevant to the troubles we all face as Americans these days. As always when it comes to his solo material, Mathus is in fine form delivering a sweltering mix of kudzu boogie, blues, soul and fiery rock and roll straight out of his home turf of Mississippi.

If there is one track that particularly stands out at a time when xenophobia and bigotry are unfortunately part of the mainstream dialogue, it’s “Gringo Man”, and today we are excited to premiere the new video for the song right here on Glide Magazine. Just in case it wasn’t obvious, the song refers to a certain orange-faced buffoon with a frighteningly close chance at winning the presidency. Of course, just because the subject matter might be scary, that doesn’t mean Jimbo Mathus is going to make it a sad song. Instead Mathus whips up a loose, soulful rock tune, injecting a healthy, much-needed dose of that old Southern optimism when he sings, “he don’t like me, he don’t like you/but it’s cool/it’s alright/we’re gonna rock and roll tonight.” The bright explosion of brass and sax seals the deal and suddenly the world is a little less scary with Jimbo at the helm, rocking us right on through to brighter days. Shot bare bones, the video jumps back and forth between excited kids bashing through a Donald Trump (complete with swastika tie) pinada and a club filled with happy revelers dancing along to Jimbo and his band.

Jimbo Mathus adds his own simple explanation for the video: “I made this new video from the song ‘Gringo Man’ off of my new Band of Storms EP. I truly believe this is the first time a Donald Trump pinada has ever been filmed. Enjoy.”


[youtube id=”8ES_Y0Jf7po” width=”630″ height=”350″]

Band Of Storms is out now on Big Legal Mess Records. For more music, info, and Jimbo Mathus tour dates visit

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