SONG PREMIERE: Farewell Milwaukee Get Jangly and Robust on “Hurt No More” off ‘FM’ Due 8/19

Minneapolis band Farewell Milwaukee will release their fourth full-length album, FM, on September 9. FM is the product of successfully achieving the balance of furthering their artistic careers with a family life.

Mainstays of the Minneapolis music scene since 2008, Farewell Milwaukee embraces the role that their Midwestern towns have played in shaping them artistically, garnering them fans through their authentic lyrics, lush vocal harmonies, and an honest sincerity at live shows. It is because of this, they have gathered accolades from local and national press, landed a song placement on major-network TV, opened for the Lumineers (among others), and are featured on compilations alongside Mumford & Sons, Adele and Amos Lee.

The band’s success has given them perspective and an appreciation for their roots, which continuously comes across in FM. The album, filled with a thematic sense of grounding, was shaped by the stage-of-life lens of being husbands and fathers, and it is this concept of home base that made a concrete impression on FM’s overall flowing sound. Produced by Minneapolis’ Jason Orris and recorded in Terrarium Music Studios, FM is the first album the band has recorded in town since their debut album, Autumn Rest Easy.

Glide Magazine is premiering “Hurt No More,” which features Farewell Milwaukee’s  knack for jangle rock – reminiscent of both Tom Petty and fellow Minnesotans The Jayhawks. The art of the straight forward pop rocker is not lost, as  Farewell Milwaukee’s make sound, feel and melody uniquely accessible and vibrant.

“Jason Orris (producer) challenged me to write a simple pop song centered around three major chords that had a positive outlook, something I’ve never really done before, and the result of that was the first song ever written about my daughter called “Hurt No More,” says frontman Ben Lubeck. “I texted my wife a few weeks ago after revisiting the album saying that this was the record I wanted my daughter to remember me by. Musically and lyrically. I’m really proud of this album. It’s appropriately titled FM because I feel that we’ve finally grown into our skin and figured out who we are as a band…plus we’ve realized our band name is hard to say, so FM works”



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