SONG PREMIERE: J. Marco Brings Defiant Power Rock on “Castaway”

Guitarist/songwriter J. Marco, formerly of  the Nashville–based band New City Savages, releases his solo debut Myth on October 21st. Inspired by a range of influences – including The Strokes, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and the seminal book The Hero with a Thousand Faces by mythologist Joseph Campbell – Myth finds J. Marco pulling triple duty as singer, songwriter and guitarist. He covers a good deal of ground along the way, from the synth-pop of the album’s propulsive single, “The Void” to the anthemic rock & roll of “Long Way Down,” “Stranger in the night” and “Castaway”.

Glide is premiering “Castaway” (below)- a track that reveals Marco’s strength as undeniably strong songwriter/storyteller with a knack for harmony and hook grabbing rock that reflects a young Tom Petty.

“‘Castaway’ was one of those songs that writes itself.  Once I had the hook, the rest of the song just jumped out to me in pieces over the next few weeks, both musically and lyrically,” says Marco. “It was recorded last fall partially at Buffalo Run, which is Stevie Rees’ (the producer’s) studio, and at The Bomb Shelter in East Nashville.  Overall, I would say that it took about 2-3 days to record everything in “Castaway.’  The recording process of that song was particularly fun for us because it involved some experimentation.  For example, we wanted the bridge fiddle solo to have some kind of strange edge and bite to it, so we ended up putting the fiddle through a glitchy fuzz pedal into a Vox amp and created some pretty crazy and messed up sounds.  There’s a lot of layering going on in the song as well.  I wanted it to sound massive.  It was mixed by Jeremy Ferguson of Battle Tapes Recording, who did a phenomenal job of bringing the vision of this record to life.”

“Castaway’ is about leaving all that you’ve ever known to take a chance at something bigger, “adds Marco. “Risking it all, not knowing who’s going stay by your side or who’s going to get lost along the way.”


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