Phish Reveals ‘Big Boat’ Track Listing

PHISH has announced the release of its new studio album, Big Boat. Released via the band’s own JEMP Records, Big Boat arrives on Friday, October 7th.  The Bob Ezrin produced album was announced last week but the track listing wasn’t made available till today. Unlike other Phish albums that saw a majority of tracks performed live prior to the album release, Big Boat features five tracks that haven’t been played live yet (“Home,” “Running Out of Time,” “I Always Wanted It This Way,” “More” and “Petrichor.”

Yesterday NPR Music’s All Songs Considered debuted “Breath and Burning” (below) and a festive track with horn parts that reflect on Phish’s time spent performing in Mexico last winter.

Recorded in Nashville, New York and the band’s home state of Vermont, Big Boat features 13 new songs contributed by all four members of the band




(JEMP Records)

Release Date: October 7th

1.     Friends (Fishman)

2.     Breath and Burning (Anastasio)

3.     Home (McConnell)

4.     Blaze On (Anastasio/Marshall)

5.     Tide Turns (Anastasio)

6.     Things People Do (McConnell)

7.     Waking Up Dead (Gordon/Murawski)

8.     Running Out Of Time (Anastasio/Marshall)

9.     No Men In No Man’s Land (Anastasio/Marshall)

10.   Miss You (Anastasio)

11.   I Always Wanted It This Way (McConnell)

12.   More (Anastasio)

13.   Petrichor (Anastasio)


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  1. Hi
    I love you boys. All last month 3 older men called me a young man. I am not that young. BUT It did make me feel great. yesterday another young dude called me white boy. Wow; boy, that is such a compliment at this level !
    I LOVE YOU PHISH. I just got an alumni rag from Goddard – and guess who: Jon Fishman is on the glossy cover doing an interview with Dustin – who has been THERE since I was kicked out for being too weird in 2000.
    So, who am I now – NOBODY STILL – yet caught in the STAR WARS frenzy. I am only getting intimate with STARS anymore – since we have run out of talented ones. PHISH is at the helm. Thanks for saving us – PHISH; or throw-back; or SURRENDER OR PORK TORNADO whichever.
    I wish I could appreciate and love the live shows like the rest of the phans, BUT alas,
    I have my own PLATFORM to work; you know. WHO am I…. 84 WINSTON STAR.
    It sure is lonely at the top…..or bottom which is where all rock n roll Winston Smiths are really at….
    Bye – Time for Sale; get your time here….cheap time for sale……

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