SONG PREMIERE: Bonnie Whitmore and Her Band Get Explosive & Real With “Cinderella”

Austin,TX-based Americana-rock group, Bonnie Whitmore and Her Band, will release their third new album, F*ck with Sad Girls, on October 28th. Recorded at Austin’s Ramble Creek by Britton Beisenherz (The Swindle Boys, The Fox and the Bird, Matt Powell), the ten tracks tell a story and, in one way or another, boldly address the stigma placed on “imperfect” women.

Bonnie Whitmore (bass/vocals) does not shy away from a difficult conversation and turns feminist frustration into rock this go-round with the release of her third album, F*ck With Sad Girls, the follow up to Whitmore’s 2010 solo debut, Embers to Ashes, and 2013 sophomore record, There I Go Again.  With an impressive career under her belt, Whitmore begin her journey in music with her family’s band, Daddy and the Divas, and  was hired at 15 to play bass in local DFW bands.  Her first band, The Brent Mitchell Band, launched her into further work with Susan Gibson, Shelley King, Mando Saenz, Justin Townes Earle, Hayes Carll, Colin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Aaron Lee Tasjan and Sunny Sweeney.

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Inspired by iconic songwriters and acts like Tom Petty, Bonnie Raitt, Fleetwood Mac, Roy Orbison and The Replacements,  F*ck with Sad Girls incorporated a trio of talented, like-minded musicians:  guitarist Scott Davis (Band of Heathens, Hayes Carll), drummer Craig Bagby (Sherman, Colin Herring) and keyboardist Jared Hall (Velvet Underground, Colin Gilmore).  A successful PledgeMusic campaign fueled the recording of F*ck With Sad Girls, as well as the complementary concept album dubbed Coyotes: Life and After Life, which is available exclusively to pledge supporters via digital download or vinyl.

Glide Magazine is premiering “Cinderella” off the album, a gritty rocker that jingles with chaotic charm and  an unrelenting pulse. An explosive anguish rings from Whitmore’s vocals, giving listeners a taste of Americana colored with attitude and a blackened-riff howl of garage rock.

“Cinderella – I grew up on on Disney, find your prince charming and all that,” says Whitmore about the track. “I still am nostalgic about Sleeping Beauty, but as an adult confronted with these story lines that Disney perpetuates, it’s a little disturbing. Cinderella is kind of the “ultimate” princess, every little girl wanted to be her, which is probably why I’ve singled her out.”

“So here’s this impoverished girl whose only living family is a step mother and sisters that hate her and treat her like a slave,” adds Whitmore. “She’s given one opportunity to gussy up and impress the prince in order to get out of her current situation and a limited time frame to accomplish it. So she does, but before she can seal the deal, so to speak, she has to hide what she is – poor. This prince who claims to be in love with her sends his minions out to not to find her persay, but whoever can fit into the tiny shoe. All the while the song “The Dreams That You Wish Do Come True” plays, it’s complete bullshit.”

“Dream big yes, but work at it. Build towards it. Earn it if that’s what you truly want and even then, know it’s not always gonna turn out the way you thought it would. So this song is my attempt to change the narrative and redeem the Disney princess inside of me. Be true to yourself and figure out what makes you complete, not find someone who can rescue you. Because dreams that you wish could come true.”






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