VIDEO PREMIERE: Broken Hands Get Darkly Psychedelic In Fuzzed Out Rocker “Meteor”

Young UK band Broken Hands possess a sound that is as heavy as it is melodic. This is the rock and roll that used to be played on mainstream radio before much of it went to shit. Despite that, there is clearly still an audience for the good stuff as can be evidenced by the rapid rise of Broken Hands, who are preparing to release their debut album Turbulence on SO Recordings November 4th. The sheer power of this band can be evidenced by their accomplishments thus far in the relatively short time they’ve been together, including opening shows for the Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, The Cult, and Catfish and the Bottlemen among others.

Turbulence was recorded in various studios throughout the UK and produced by Brit Award-nominated producer Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Pixies). Frontman Dale Norton found himself inspired to make the album after an epiphany he had at Gatwick Airport in London and how he felt the airport became a metaphor for life itself.

“As this ran through my head I was hearing the jet engines soaring into the sky from Gatwick’s runways. They sounded just like fuzzed-out guitar feedback and festival sound drums crashing. Then came more images: planes taking off and people getting messed up. Turbulence and paranoia. Engines charging and pupils dilating…”

Today Glide Magazine is premiering the new music video for the song “Meteor”. The video was captured at the band’s sold-out Electrowekz show where the entire venue was covered in silver foil to create what the band call their “Silver Landing Program”. As the band explain, “the idea was as the crowd walked through the venue doors from the bar they stepped into a capsule that made you forget about the outside for a moment. We built our own light show so the strobes went mental, we wanted to people to get what we were thinking and have an experience.”

The resulting effect is one that feels disorienting to the point of being almost out of body and psychedelic, and you can’t help but feel charged up by the band’s jagged, contagious rock sound.


Turbulence is out November 4th on SO Recordings. For more music and info check out

Photo credit: Steve Gullick

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