VIDEO PREMIERE: Truett Drops Murderous Blues On “Left In The Dark”

Truett’s debut self-titled EP released Sept. 30 via Brooklyn Basement Records is a mind-melting onslaught of fuzzed out guitars and urgent vocals. He worked out each song while touring the South, night after night, screaming into the bright lights and cigarette smoke until the EP was fully formed.

Years ago, when he was still just a boy, Truett was briefly kidnapped by Ron Pope and his band, The District. A child prodigy on guitar, Truett traveled around Georgia sitting in with the band (who had strict instructions from Truett’s mother to make sure he didn’t “drink, smoke, take drugs, or have sex”).

That journey marked the beginning of a brotherhood that finally bore fruit with Truett’s lead single, “Be Mine” (co-written and produced by Pope). The 5-song EP follows suit with songs of love and redemption accentuated with monster licks and overdriven guitars.

Glide Magazine is premiering the video for the juggernaut track “Left in the Dark”  (below) which reverberates with the thunder of Black Sabbath atop bluesy guitars and vocals that reawaken the senses. Truett keeps it dark and emotionally pitched in the video with a close up of some tasteful leads and one of rock’s potent new voices.

Twitter: (@Truett_Music)
Instagram: (@truettofficial)
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