VIDEO PREMIERE: Corner Suns Conjure Neo-psyche and Baroque Pop On “Borrowed Time”

The combination of Brandon Carr and John Dufilho is a special one. Both musicians have put in time with respected bands; Carr with the folk-psychedelia outfit The Earlies and Dufilho with experimental pop group The Apples In Stereo and indie rockers The Deathray Davies. Now, the Dallas-based musicians have joined forces as Corner Suns and will release their self-titled debut via ​​Idol Records on ​​Jan. 13th, 2017.

The 14-track album combines neo-psyche and baroque pop influences that will grab the attention of fans of artists such as ​​The Zombies, ​​Magnetic Fields, and ​​The Shins that share a similar ability for sharp songwriting, memorable vocals, and pop hooks. Today, Glide Magazine is presenting an exclusive sneak premiere of the duo’s new video for their song “Borrowed Time”. The song brings to mind the psychedelic stylings of Tame Impala but with a trancier, more hypnotic groove that lingers in your mind long after listening. In keeping with the music’s artsy, experimental feel, the video is a montage of bizarre, disjointed footage of movements and colors.

Reflecting on the song and the video, John Dufilho says, “‘Borrowed Time’ is about how we’re lucky to even be here, and what little time we actually have. We unexpectedly enter the world, run around in circles for a while, get lost a few times, hopefully leave something worthwhile, and then back out. I shot a lot of the video at a place I love in Santa Fe called ‘The House of Eternal Return.’ I warp and stretch footage, change colors, and combine with other images, patterns, and whatever I collect. It’s definitely a tribute to the place.”


[youtube id=”7ZBObYCF63c” width=”630″ height=”350″]

Corner Suns release their self-titled debut on January 13th, 2017. For more info visit their Facebook page

Photo: Corner Suns (L-R): Brandon Carr, John Dufilho. Photo credit: Jerome Brock.

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