SONG PREMIERE: Shadow Brother Exude Upbeat Catchiness On “Delta Of Time”

Brothers Toby and Jake Vest and their friend Jeff Schmidtke have long been musical collaborators, starting in 2003 with their band Augustine. Since then the three have become vital members of the Memphis music scene, and in recent years Toby Vest has been focused more on the music of others with his High/Low Recording. To date he has worked in engineering and producing roles for bands such as The Echo-Friendly, Dirty Fences, La Panther Happens, and Natural Child. Jake and Jeff, meanwhile have been involved in other projects, but now the three are once again collaborating on their own as psychedelic folk outfit Shadow Brother.

This coming February, Shadow Brother will release their new album Delta Of Time, and today we are excited to premiere the title track right here on Glide MagazineThe catchy, upbeat tune has a bit of a New Wave-y pop sound and you’ll find yourself bouncing along and tapping your feet. The song is also different than much of the album’s other material.

Toby Vest offers up some insight on the tune: “‘Delta Of Time’ was the last track we recorded for the album. I felt like the album needed another uptempo tune. So Jake sent me some demos that he’d been working on in New York and this one was a standout. I tweaked the arrangement a little and the lyrics and melody came pretty quick. Strangely enough, the last song we recorded ended up being the first track on the record. It’s one of my favorite tracks because it really sets up the narrative of the album.”

Jeff Schmidtke adds, “There is no shortage of irony in this song. It’s one of the most upbeat sounding tracks, connected to some of Toby’s most impactful lyrics. It’s a punch to the gut, but you’re left still tapping your feet. It was a deviation of keeping with the mood…the composition definitely does not do that.”


Shadow Brother will release Delta Of Time this coming February. For more info visit them on the interwebs:


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