SONG PREMIERE: The Narrative Tackle Immigration Policies on Hauntingly Beautiful “Reason to Leave”

For close to a decade Suzie Zeldin and Jesse Gabriel have been creating music as The Narrative, but when they began work on their new album four years ago it seemed that the future was uncertain. The group had achieved recognition for their charming indie pop, yet the production of the album led to logistical challenges that would ultimately bring recording to a halt. Following a period of endless self-questioning about goals, talent, and what everyone was looking to get out of this whole music thing, The Narrative emerged with the aptly titled Golden Silence, which is due out on December 2nd.

Born and bred on Long Island, NY, the band has recently relocated to Nashville, TN, armed with a new ideology and prepared to finally release the long-delayed record. Golden Silence is an album about discovering hard truths in life, told through the lenses of the band’s interpersonal relationships, individual experiences, and relationships with the outside world. The themes on the album range from broader topics such as societal values, to much more intimate subjects like the band’s relationships with their own music.

Today Glide Magazine is presenting an exclusive first listen of “Reason to Leave”. The song is about the hypocrisies and double standards of US immigration policies. Set to a lush orchestral instrumental backdrop, the song waxes and wanes through moments of both calm resolution and subtle chaos.


The Narrative release Golden Silence on December 2nd. For more music and info check out the following links:

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