SONG PREMIERE: Russell James Pyle Explores the ‘Seasons’ With Americana Tune “December Song”

Inspired by struggle, triumph, the natural world, and spoken with a sincerity that touches deep, Russell James Pyle’s songwriting is deeply intertwined with the nuances of life in America. Pyle is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is influenced as much by Bruce Springsteen as red dirt country. His music blends heart and hand as he spins tales of experience and honest introspection, and his performances, whether solo or with his backup band, Dry Heat, are passionate, energetic, and delivered with his trademark vibrato rasp.

Russell’s debut solo album, Rise, deals with the complicated issues found in modern life, highlighting the struggle and triumph that accompanies life in America. The album’s aesthetic is equally influenced by roots music and modern ambient compositions, resulting in a uniquely post-modern take on the genre. In 2016, Russell has been selected by the National Parks Arts Foundation as the centennial artist-in-residence for Big Bend National Park in Texas while he works up to the release of his Seasons EP, which is due out on December 9th. 

Today Glide Magazine is presenting an exclusive premiere of one of the standout tracks on Seasons, “December Song”. The acoustically picked song features puts Pyle’s vocal strengths front and center, with his band adding the occasional flourish of electric guitar, drums, and harmonies. There is a respectable restraint in the way he crafts his striking Americana sound and it’s clear that the lyrics come first.

“‘December Song’ is about the end of a bad year. It’s about learning to live with and eventually love the life you’re given,” explains Russell. “Winter is a hard time for me; I much prefer the warmer seasons. But if I can learn to love the difficult things in my life, they wouldn’t hold so much power over me.”


Russell James Pyle releases Seasons on December 9th. 

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