SONG PREMIERE: Sam Densmore Embraces Rock Roots And Power Pop Sound On “Flood You”

Oregon native Sam Densmore has been a fixture in the Portland music scene for a handful of years now, playing in a slew of alternative bands throughout the ‘90s and embracing a defining era in the Pacific Northwest’s musical heritage. These days Densmore leans less on his rock band past and more on his folky future as a solo artist. Much of his solo work is just that, solo, but his upcoming album Open Marriage, the fourth release under his own name, marks his first recordings with a full band in 5 years.

Today Glide Magazine is presenting an exclusive first listen of the first single off Open Marriage, “Flood You”, which comes out December 2nd on Buddy Cat Music. The catchy tune kicks off with an acoustic guitar walkup before diving into overdriven electric guitar and an infectious groove, giving the tune a rootsy power pop sound that marks something of a departure from Densmore’s folkier material.

Reflecting on the song, Densmore says, “‘Flood You’ is about emotions and how they are like water – they ebb and flow , they sublimate, they change form and can overwhelm you, especially when suppressed.”


Sam Densmore will release “Flood You” as an official single on December 2nd. For more info check out his Facebook page.

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