VIDEO PREMIERE: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad Stay True To Name With Reggae Romp “Walk Right Talk Right”

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad have spent fifteen years enlightening us with their colorful, eclectic take on reggae. With their respect for tradition and ability to let songs drift off in their own directions, GPGDS have won over the hearts and ears of traditional reggae fans while earning their place in the jam band scene. Their recently released album Make It Better (Rootfire Cooperative) showcases exactly how far GPGDS have come over the last fifteen years as it brings together reggae grooves, exploratory playing, and catchy melodies to give us something that is undeniably danceable.

Today Glide Magazine is excited to premiere the video for “Walk Right Talk Right”, a playful, upbeat reggae romp featuring a tour bus loving panda. Bassist and vocalist James Searl says, “Ghengis Blue flies all over the world as a professional Panda. She got in touch with us and offered to come hang at our Philly show. What happened next was on a different level of fun as she invaded our bus, drank up all the magic potions, and jammed harder than any Panda we’ve ever seen. She continued on the tour as sound engineer, keyBoard tech, and driver. There is magic in that suit. She drove us straight through the night from Philly all the way to Las Vegas for some cornflake French Toast and a drive in movie.”


Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad’s Make It Better is out now via Rootfire Cooperative. For more music and info visit

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