VIDEO PREMIERE: Alabama Soul Prodigy Jimmy Lumpkin Preaches On “My Name is Love”

Jimmy Lumpkin grew up in Georgia but calls Mobile, Alabama home these days. After all, it is this place that informs nearly everything about the music created by Lumpkin and his band the Revival. Their sound is an amalgamation of the state’s rich musical history, taking inspiration from soul, blues, and rock and roll alike. Alabama was also the place where the band retreated to a secluded cabin in the swamps of the southern part of the state to work on music. Out of this came their new album with a name as simple as it is apt: HOME.

This coming February Jimmy Lumpkin and the Revival will release HOME on Alabama label Skate Mountain Records, and today Glide Magazine is presenting the music video for the album’s lead single “My Name is Love”. The tune is a fiery anthem giving us a much-needed reminder of that thing we can all use a little more of in a time of deep division: love. Lumpkin’s commanding vocals sound like a call to arms as he sings over a powerful mix of blazing guitar and explosive brass.

“‘My Name Is Love’ is an anthem for the world to sing. This music video sheds light on what we all want. And need. The children know better than any of us, because they haven’t forgotten. And when we remember…we radiate what everyone needs: love. This music video invokes unity. Not just unity for us as a people, but us as a world,” says Lumpkin.


Jimmy Lumpkin and the Revival release HOME in February 2017. For more music and info check out

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