VIDEO PREMIERE: Don Dilego Shares Haunting, Atmospheric “Idiot Heart”

Don DiLego has long been known as a musical troubadour. The singer-songwriter has garnered praises from the likes of Rolling Stone Country, Paste Magazine, Huffington Post and No Depression to name a few, and has been deemed ‘alt-country’s next poster boy.’ As A Magnificent Ram A showcases his most ambitious set of recordings to date, “Idiot Heart,” is a charming introduction to an artist and producer who has been creating a name for himself on his own terms. Today we are excited to premiere the official video for “Idiot Heart” right here on Glide Magazine

Don DiLego offers up his own backstory on the song and video:

“Idiot Heart” was the last song written for the album, and quite literally was done all in a couple hours. We were out at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, and everyone broke for lunch. I stayed behind, for reasons that are too long to get into here, but I needed to have some alone time for a bit. I sat down at the piano and the song was just there, in it’s entirety by the time the band returned. It’s probably the most personal song on the record for me, and I’m thankful it came when it did.

One night I was doing the YouTube trolling thing, and came across a barely viewed video some kid made in Utah using a drone to fly over a prairie and an old shack. The views and angles were incredible. So I tracked him down after some doing, and asked him to do his thing for one of my songs. He had never made an actual video before. Originally it was for “A Wishful Poem”, which was going to be a future single, and he loved it. A few weeks later I got an email from him that said “all done”, and “oh yeah, I picked a totally different song.” He chose “Idiot Heart”, and everything he shot fit the song perfectly. The visuals are stunning in many shots. What the drones are capable of capturing on film are quite amazing.


Don DiLego’s A Magnificent Ram A is out now. For more music and info visit

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