Tales From The Golden Road: Brooklyn Rockers Spirit Animal Kick Off December Tour On High

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Plenty of people go to see bands when they come through their town, but most people don’t think about everything that it takes to get those bands to their favorite club. Being on tour for a musician is both enlightening and daunting, as physically and mentally draining as it is stimulating. And no matter what, there are always stories to tell. In Tales From The Golden Road we let musicians tell their own stories of life on the road to get a behind-the-scenes, up-close look at what really goes down between each show. 

This month Glide Magazine is excited to share dispatches from Brooklyn rockers Spirit Animal as they squeeze in one last tour before the year comes to a close. The band’s sound is anthemic and poppy, clearly suited for large stages and festivals. Spirit Animal recently released a new EP called World War IV and you can bet they are bringing the album’s soaring rock sound on this tour. In between shows, the band will take us behind the scenes. Rock on!

Off and running.

First couple of shows have been stellar, super fun. Philly was grimey, as always, in the best sort of way. The Barbary people were incredibly accommodating. They cracked smiles at all our super dumb puns. Credit due…they should’ve groaned, so, so, so many times.


This would be an appropriate place to put the obligatory cheesesteak image. Honestly, we would have taken one. But we were housing Jim’s straight to the dome. No time. Mayo, extra whiz, and onion for Steve, if you’re at all interested in the particulars.

Durham was way too familiar. Literally. Paul’s sister and fam showed up en masse for a group booty shake, and a number (Too many? Nah) of NC’s finest brewed beverages.


All of us were hype on moving some new material into the rotation, so an album cut, “California Renee”, snuck it’s way into the set. It’s a pensive rumination on Sartre’s second opuJUST KIDDING. It’s arena rock AF. We’re trying to melt faces here, people.


Nico Yaryan and Co. are the tits. We’ve toured a ton, but never really had an opportunity to take out another crew. Super nice dudes, glad we’ve been getting a chance to see live the songs that heretofore had only been pumped in the van. We look forward to enjoying with them the new, liberal horticulture laws cropping up across this great nation of ours.

Til next time,

Spirit Animal

Stay tuned for more! 

12/8 — St. Louis, MO @ Blueberry Hill (Duck Room)
12/9 — Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club
12/10 — St. Paul, MN @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall
12/11 — Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
12/13 — Cleveland, OH @ Brachland Tavern
12/14 — Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery
12/15 — Asbury Park, NJ @ The Saint
12/16 — Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory

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