SONG PREMIERE: Brett Newski Shares Acoustic Indie Pop “Everybody Knows You Can’t Sleep With Your Eyes Closed”

Wisconsin artist Brett Newski was once signed to a major label, but he felt he could handle things better on his own and eventually decided to pursue music on his own terms. As an independent artist, Newski has been able to craft delightfully eccentric acoustic pop tunes whatever way he sees fit. His tunes are always catchy and often veer into tongue-in-cheek humor not unlike acts like Jonathan Richman and the Mountain Goats. Last year Newski released his album Land Air Sea Garage, a collection of self-deprecating poppy gems with song titles like “I Won’t Die A Nun” and “Bending Spoons & Skipping Prayers”.

Today Glide Magazine is excited to premiere Newski’s new single “Everybody Knows You Can’t Sleep With Your Eyes Closed”, which is being released on Discos Del Demonio, a cool DIY label in Leipzig, Germany. The song was written while Newski living in Saigon, Vietnam a few years back and was recorded in his hometown of Milwaukee, WI. Newski exudes an angsty, slacker-like vibe, bringing to mind acts like the Violent Femmes, Pavement, and Weezer. It also carries a message that is especially relevant as we prepare to enter a dark and swampy time in American politics.

“‘Everybody Knows You Can’t Sleep With Your Eyes Closed’ is about avoiding the American Dream at all costs and breaking free of outdated ideologies of society created by old dead white guys,” says Newski.


As a bonus, you can also check out Brett Newski’s cover of “The World Is Alive” by Ezra Furman:

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Photo credit: Emma McEvoy

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