SONG PREMIERE: Garrett Owen Keeps It Honest and Catchy on “Good Luck”

The young singer-songwriter Garrett Owen may not be known to many yet, but in the Dallas-Fort Worth area he calls home there is already a considerable buzz with local outlets like the Dallas Observer describing him as an “agile, intricate, accomplished guitar player who sings honey-dipped melodies about devastating turns of events.” Indeed, Owen often turns to sadder subject matter for his songs. But though there is melancholy laced throughout much of his songwriting, there is also something sweet and comforting about Owen’s voice that lets you know things just may work out alright. The ability to strike this balance is front and center on Owen’s new EP Sad Eyed Son, which comes out on February 17th. The album finds Owen embracing the rich tradition of Texas songwriters while forging his own path with poignant emotional narratives.

Today Glide Magazine is excited to premiere the song “Good Luck”. The soft song feels delicate and folky with a catchy chorus that drifts into power pop territory. Owen’s shyness, tendency for introspection, and streaks of perfectionism all shine through in the song.

Offering his own thoughts on the song, Owen has this to say:

“‘Good Luck’ was one of the first songs I wrote after nearly 4 years of writer’s block. In ‘Good Luck’, coming back to playing and writing is in there… ‘I want it back, my place in the light…’ is about getting back to performing. I was really drawing a lot of influence from The Beatles and Elliott Smith for the chord progression, but lyrically I was being honest with myself about the desire to get back on stage. The line ‘goodbye you Post Oak trees you can learn to be alone like me’ is about the urge to get out of my comfort zone. When I started to write the lyrics for ‘Good Luck’, I just went into a spare room, turned the lights off, and started singing and playing, and it came naturally. I usually play acoustic guitar, but when we went to record this my producer Taylor Tatsch handed me a Gibson ES 335, and it just feels right for this song.” 


Garrett Owen releases Sad Eyed Son on February 17th. For more music and info visit

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