VIDEO PREMIERE: One-Man Band The Suitcase Junket Rattles The Cage In “The Next Act”

Pursuing your musical career as a one-man band takes a high level of charisma and stamina if you want to keep your audience entertained. Luckily, Matt Lorenz possesses both of those things and he puts them to use as the Suitcase Junket. The New England musician is also talented as a craftsman and as a lyricist. His “one-man band” is made up partly of found objects, including the namesake suitcase and his guitar, pulled from dumpsters, as well as a fork and bones. Using his makeshift instruments, Lorenz creates electric music that walks the line between rock and roll and Americana. His melodic but distorted sound is differs from fellow one-man banders like Scott H. Biram and Lincoln Durham in the way he incorporates his learned skill of Indian throat-singing, allowing him to sing two notes at once. All of this has made Lorenz’s music and his unique stage presence a draw, and he has opened for the likes of Lake Street Dive, The Record Company, Jackie Greene, the Suffers, and Los Lobos.

On April 21 the Suitcase Junket will release a full-length debut album called Pile Driver on Signature Sounds. The album finds Lorenz taking his incendiary stage act to the studio and bottling the energy. Today Glide Magazine is premiering the official music video for one of the standout songs on the record, “The Next Act”. The black and white video finds Lorenz showing off his dynamic vocal talent as he sings lyrics that speak to our turbulent times.:

“Can you hear us rattling the cages? This kind of movement is contagious.
We want better people making changes. As it is right now is outrageous.”

Reflecting on the meaning behind the song, Lorenz says, “For me this song is a shout in a storm, a rallying cry, a hopeful look at people coming together for the greater good. A tune for overcoming adversity and galvanizing ourselves in strength and empowerment. It’s also about waving a flag. I love waving a flag.”


[youtube id=”e3FEo_6x918″ width=”630″ height=”350″]

The Suitcase Junket release Pile Driver April 21 on Signature Sounds. For more music and info visit

Cover photo: Bill Foster

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