VIDEO PREMIERE: Red Porch Kid Gets Layered & Visual With “Minor Hill”

Red Porch Kid is an American rock band formed in 2015 by singer/songwriter and producer Michael Stovall. A founding member of the band Jackson Jones – which disbanded in 2008, Stovall began touring and recording music as a solo act. In 2014 he released his only solo record Georgia, which Tony Keefer of The Music Room called “A true work of Art”. After settling in Nashville, TN in 2015, Stovall began to focus more on producing albums – including his own record Rocketship under the moniker Red Porch Kid, which was released on January 27, 2017.  Stovall took the reigns on mixing and engineering the record in his Nashville apartment, along with playing all of the instruments on the record.

Glide is premiering the video for “Minor Hill,” a track that echoes of the psychedelic class rock hints of War on Drugs, while embracing its own cathartic song melodies and embellishes; the kaleidoscope video provides some visual adventures to behold. Red Porch Kid is a name that may evoke folk and acoustic, but there are more rooms of this house to be heard and unraveled.

“When I finished recording Minor Hill, I knew that I wanted the entire record to have a similar sound, “says Stovall. “That song is one of my favorites on the record because it is so layered, but it doesn’t sound crowded to me. I’m proud of this one.”


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