SONG PREMIERE: K Phillips Reflects On Pop Love With Twangy “Rom Com”

One of the most promising artists to come out of Texas in quite some time is a fella by the name of K Phillips. His soulful Americana is filled with tales of love, struggles, and redemption. On March 10th K Phillips will release his sophomore album Dirty Wonder on Rock Ridge Music, the follow-up to his acclaimed debut American Girls. While Dirty Wonder may be best described as a breakup record, Phillips presents us with a collection of clever songs that are part autobiographical, part imagined, and part observational, chronicling a third-party breakup K witnessed firsthand. A storyteller in the vein of so many talented Texas artists, Phillips writes songs brimming with clever allusions, pent-up sexual tension, and loveable roguish characters. The album was produced by award-winning songwriter Gordy Quist of The Band of Heathens and features a vocal cameo from Adam Duritz from Counting Crows.

Today we are excited to premiere one of the standout tracks on Dirty Wonder right here on Glide Magazine. “Rom Com” brings to mind artists like Lou Reed, Warren Zevon, and Lyle Lovett complete with dry, straightforward vocals that channel the beloved cinematic convention (romantic comedy) into a song. The song is a wry commentary on pop love with a twang. Mostly, it shows off Phillips’ talent as a songwriter and as an artist who can arrange his lyrics into a sort of musical story.

Reflecting on the song and its recording, K Phillips has this to say:

“The song…the song itself told me to write the song. Then the producer….the producer told me to finish the song. And Gordy Quist masterminded the recording. Beau Bedford did all the over-dubs. This song is wild and long and sweet and funny and a lot like love. I dig the final mix.

Your children are a reflection of you. You become your parents or you fight it. Songs are just the same. This song came when it was ready and it’s weird and it won’t be in any Nike commercials but I love it still.”


K Phillips releases Dirty Wonder on Rock Ridge Music March 10th. For more music and info visit

Photo credit:  Mark Abernathy

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