SONG PREMIERE: Kentucky Psych-Folk Band Bendigo Fletcher Rest Easy With “Sleeping Pad”

Bendigo Fletcher are only just now establishing a following in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, but spend some time listening to their heady blend of psych-folk and Americana and you’ll quickly realize these young fellows are on to something special. This is saying something considering they have only been a band since April of 2016. The quintet counts the likes of The Byrds and John Prine as influences, and their sound also brings to mind more modern acts like the Felice Brothers and Dr. Dog.

With an EP on the way, the group has a catchy new single called “Sleeping Pad”, which we are excited to premiere on Glide today. “Sleeping Pad” came to singer/guitarist Ryan Anderson during a walk through the Kentucky woods. The song is one of the most Americana-leaning tracks on the upcoming EP, if only for the lush fiddle lines that punctuate the vocals. Ultimately, this is a folk inspired homage to the historic wilds of Kentucky that never fail to pick him up when he’s down.

Offering his own thoughts on the song, Ryan Anderson has this to say:

“‘Sleeping Pad’ is the first song we played as a full band, so it made sense as our first release. We’re also stern advocates of sufficient rest above all else. The simplicity of the song lets us sort of check out of our heads and into ‘the zone’ during a long basement practice or a tough week otherwise, and that pays homage to the song’s subject matter of escaping the occasional funk with a little self love and reflection. We did our best to capture the restorative energy of the song thanks much in part to Huntington’s Bud Carroll, who demanded that we give only what we had during a starry-eyed October weekend at his home studio.”


For more info on Bendigo Fletcher check out their website and Facebook

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